Armada Skilled Homecare Services is a Medicare certified home health provider specializing in stroke, cardio-pulmonary and post surgical rehabilitation. Armada provides in-home nursing and rehabilitation service necessary for healthy independent living.

Our clinical team will work closely with you and your physicians to design individual plans of care. Our goal is to assist you with recovery and rehabilitation, teaching the skills that ensure good health and wellness

We know that every client is unique in the level of independence they want to keep and the kind of assistance that they require at home to stabilize their health. Some are going through difficulties in managing a chronic illness while others struggle with simple day to day tasks.

Our job at Armada Skilled Homecare Services is to deliver to our clients their physician-directed care that is appropriate for their conditions. The treatment will be determined by collaborating with their physician and Team Armada. In such way, we will be confident that the care plan we use to implement care in our client’s home will directly address what their health dictates.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Armada Skilled Homecare Services does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in its treatment, activities or employment.
Armada Skilled Homecare Services presents you with various home health services made available by the line-up of our skilled medical professionals. Feel free to browse the links on our website and see how we at Armada Skilled Homecare Services can cater to your needs.