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Recovery Starts with Armada

When one is recovering from an illness, surgery, or a physical injury, it can be difficult to still live a healthy and independent lifestyle. This is why Armada Home Health Care in Albuquerque provides aid to homebound patients that are in need of rehabilitation services and specific therapies to teach you skills to help get you back to living a full and healthy life!

How Does Home Health Care Work?

Recovering and rehabilitation can be complicated, especially when you require one-on-one care and monitoring while trying to live life as fully as possible while at home. Personalized care is very important to us here Armada Home Health Care, and that is why we work personally with your physician to develop a care plan specific to your needs and health requirements. We believe in finding the perfect balance of independence with the level of care and assistance you need to make a full and fast recovery.

Your Albuquerque Home Physical Therapy Specialists

Physical therapy is the process of using physical exercises and techniques to help your body heal by working them slowly through low intensity exercises such as gait and transfer training, soft tissue mobilization, and stretching. The home physical therapists at Armada take the time to guide you and teach methods to increase your strength and mobility through a series of at-home sessions. Physical therapy is a great rehabilitation program that can help those recovering from illnesses, injuries, and surgeries promote and increase activity and independence.

As part of our home health care program, we offer a variety of rehabilitation services because we know that everyone is unique in how they learn and heal. These services include:

  • Therapeutic exercise
    Total joint program
    Transfer training
    Home exercise program
  • Gait training
    Preventative care

Gaining Your Independence Back

Our physical and occupational therapists work with you and your physician one-on-one to develop a plan that is personalized to your condition and needs so that you get the most out of your physical therapy to eventually gain back your sense of mobility and independence. Whether you need a program to help you learn how to walk again after an injury, rehabilitation after a stroke, or exercises to relieve pain following a joint surgery, the physical therapists at Armada Home Health Care can nurse you back to health and give you the tools you need to be able to fight back against your injuries.

If you or a loved one is suffering from pain and discomfort due to an injury, surgery, or other related circumstances and would like to take their life back, then call Armada Home Health Care today to start developing a specialized home physical therapy program in Albuquerque! (505) 847-2388